Our expertise, your advantage.

We can…

  • Get your Adobe software working correctly.
  • Save you money through accurate soft proofing.
  • Get your colour management set up correctly.
  • Get you working to International Standard ISO 12647
  • Get your monitors displaying colour accurately.
  • Get you accurate & repeatable printed results from your files.
  • Get your printers profiled with measuring instruments.
  • Stop clients saying “but it looked different on my screen”.
  • Help you get predictable colour from your scanners, monitors, printers etc.

Have you had enough of…

  • Your Adobe software not working correctly?
  • Your monitors not displaying colour accurately?
  • Being unable to get predictable colour from your equipment ?
  • Others saying “but it looked different on my screen”?
  • Getting unexpected results from your files?
  • Being unable to set up colour management?
  • Trying to calibrate your system visually?
  • Being unable to soft proof for your press or printer?